Anita with daughter Leyda


About Anita Evers



On the left, Anita is pictured with her daughter Leyda.

Anita was born in Los Angeles, California. She lives in Cave Creek, Arizona, with her husband Patrick, and they spend summers in Berkeley or Emeryville, California. She has raised three kids, and since they all live out of state, she has even more time for her art. She works out of a studio in her home, which is complete with a printing press, darkroom, potter’s wheel, electric kiln and two cats who generally leave all the art and materials alone. Anita often collaborates with Patrick, mostly in ceramics.

Anita’s art can be found in homes across the greater Phoenix area and California’s Bay Area. She is currently seeking gallery representation.

Artist Statement

I incorporate the stylistic elements of children’s art, primitive man’s art and folk art — using bright pure colors, symmetry and repetition. I should like my work to be comprehensible, but child-like in spirit.

I enjoy working in many methods and materials, and I like to mix my media. Oil painting is the most immediate medium and adapts to spontaneous expression. Sgraffito technique lends a delicate textural quality to my small mixed media paintings, which are made up of layers of seemingly incompatible materials: oil pastel and opaque watercolor. Printmaking requires more forethought and planning as well as considerable involvement in the technique. My collographs combine the spontaneous movement of painting and the multiplicity of printmaking. The monoprints bridge print and drawing techniques. Sculpture expands my expression into the third dimension. Ceramics is also an area where I use sgraffito in collaboration with my husband’s thrown pots.

Richness of color and surface, diversity of media and directness of imagery are essential to my work. I choose to show a joyous and positive view of the world.


One-Woman Shows

Northlight Upstairs Gallery, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, 1988
Nika Gallery, Pullman Washington, 1976
Washington State University Museum of Art, Pullman, Washington, 1976

Group Shows

Nudes in Art, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, 1990
Gordon Woodside Gallery, Seattle, Washington, 1977
Washington State University Graduate Review, Pullman, Washington, 1976
Woman Artist, Pullman, Washington, 1975
Lodi Art Annual, Lodi, California, 1973
Stockton Art Museum, Stockton, California, 1973
Los Angeles Open, Los Angeles, California, 1967
Orlando Gallery, North Hollywood, California, 1967


Teaching Assistant, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, 1974 – 1975
Printmaking Workshop Instructor, California State University, Turlock, California, 1973
Art Teacher, Ecole d’Humanite’, Goldern Switzerland, 1968 – 1972


M.F.A., Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, 1976
B.A., California State University, Northridge, California, 1968